Hooray! Thank you for your interest in helping us make great events happen.

Please fill-out the below form. Calls for help will be emailed prior to events, but we expect to use Slack for pre-event team banter and coordination. It’s just a heckufalot easier than email. We’ll send you an invite to our Slack channel, within a few days of receiving your info.

Do you own or have access to a vehicle that could be used to help out with events?

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Do you work for a company (or in an office) that might be amenable to hosting events or workshops?

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Do you have Wordpress dev skills, and an interest in helping us wrangle this site on an infrequent, volunteer basis? Our own skills are rather amateurish and hacky (if that's not hugely evident, heh) and an actual pro would help, immensely!

 Yes No I do WP dev full-time, what a coincidence!

Do you have a current OLCC Service Permit?

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Do you have experience doing theatrical audio or video?

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Are you certified in CPR or any other First Responder skills?

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Are you fluent in ASL?

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