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Thank you for your interest in contributing to IxDA Portland! Our curatorial goal is two-fold: first, to highlight and celebrate local talent, ideas, and emerging design practices through events that are fun, educational, and socially connective.

Second, we’re excited to bring design leaders from around the world into Portland, to share with our members new and emerging practices driving design forward worldwide, while also providing a platform for Portlanders to join these conversations.

In selecting the talent and subjects for events, we’re keen to give a platform to folks both new and established. Above all, we’re here for fun—and we can’t do that, all by ourselves.

Are you proposing an idea on behalf of yourself, or nominating another person's talk/workshop for consideration?

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What kind of format are you thinking of, for this?

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Are you (or are you suggesting) a known or experienced speaker or facilitator?


If experienced, how would you best describe your exposure?

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Are you (or is your suggested presenter) local to the PDX area?

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