Hello! We’re delighted that you’re interested in recruiting through our local community, here. We have some basic questions we’d like to ask you, and we’ll follow-up soon with an ETA on when we expect to go live with our listings.

Company Type

 UX Consultancy Design or Advertising Agency Software Consultancy Software Company: Enterprise, Consumer, Startup, etc Hardware or Devices Company Sneaker/Sportswear Company Consumer Lifestyle Brand Other

Which best describes how UX as a practice exists within your company, today?

 We Have An Established UX Practice We Have A New UX Practice Are The Three Designers In Engineering What You Call 'A Practice'? Devs Typically Handle UX We're Seeking UX Leadership UX Gets Done As Needed We've Never Done UX

What role do you play in hiring?

 Internal Recruiter Creative Director Creative Manager Design Director Design Manager External Recruiter