Go Forth And Evangelize

What an awesome evening that was, Portland! After a little over a year here, I gotta say, that: between Jared’s presentation and the energy y’all brought to the event, I had one of my best yet evenings in town, yet! Sure, organizing all this can be a lot of work, but, wow: the high from such a great community coming together for inspiration and fun, like that, makes it all worth it.

So: A personal note from me (Nina) to all of you: Thank you, and I’m excited as hell for what’s to come!

As promised: here’s the video of jared’s talk and the UX Tipping Point deck as a PDF. Big shoutout to the Wacom Experience Center, who helped make our evening such a success. We’re definitely looking forward to continued collaboration! 🙂

Even as the last of us were cleaning-up and putting away chairs, we couldn’t stop identifying folks we feel need to show that video. UX Tipping Point Interventionists, unite! Hope to see some of you at UIE’s Interactions Immersive this May!