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2016 Reboot!

We’re kicking-off the dust, plugging our networks, filling the post-it walls with programming ideas, and getting in gear to launch a new schedule packed with programming for the end of 2016, through 2017!

We’d love your feedback and participation to get us going, and what’s a reboot without a good party?

November 17th, at Jama Software, from 6-9pm

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Please join us in our first IxDA Portland quest: design the year ahead! We’ll provide light snacks, tasty beverages, and walls filled with ideas for programs we hope you’ll love in the months to come. We’ll ask you to whip out the old sticky notes, markers, and brain power to make these ideas better and add your own to the mix. Come, co-curate the future together, connect with old friends and new colleagues, and have a jolly ‘ol Thursday evening with us!

It is with much gratitude that we bid adieu to our dedicated + talented prior co-leads Cat and Melissa. We expect they’ll continue to work with us here and there as rescues and extra support are needed. We’re Nina Alter (new to the PDX area from SF, so most of you probably don’t yet know Nina!) and Eva Miller (been around for a while, so many of you probably do know Eva!), and look forward to connecting with all of you at future events and online.

Image permission pending: Thomas Boyd, The Oregonian ©2016

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